Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2013

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2012

  • J. Raškevičiūtė. The world image of Janina Degutytė: the poetry, letters, autobiographic texts.
  • G. Žalkauskaitė. Features of idiolect in e-mails.
  • L. Bartkuvienė. Virginia Woolf’s literary aesthetics: the epistemological aspect.
  • L. Bikelienė. Connector usage in native and non-native learners’ English writing: contrastive analysis.
  • A.Vaškelienė. 18th century Latin occasional literature of Lithuania from the point of view of literary genetics.
  • R. Baranauskienė. Celtic and Scandinavian language and cultural contacts during the Viking age.
  • U. Mikučionis. Modality and the Norwegian modal verbs.
  • A.Belovodskaja. Internet parody as a linguo-cognitive phenomenon (in the context of contemporary anonymous internet creative work).
  • J. Sniežko. The poetics of the nation in Nikolay Karamzin’s texts (1787–1803).
  • J.  Katkuvienė. Aspects of corporeality in the Literary theory of the 20th century: Roland Barthes and Algirdas Julius Greimas.
  • M. Stasilo. Genre de discours politique en France et en Lituanie, éthos des politiciens: déclarations et interviews des candidats élus et des candidats vaincus consécutives aux résultats des électionsprésidentielles (1993–2009) – dissertation defended at Paris-Est University, France.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2011

  • J. Šinkūnienė. Hedging in written academic discourse: a cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary study.
  • R. Juknevičienė. Lexical bundles in non-native speaker and native speaker written English.
  • E. Kačkutė. Women’s identities in contemporary British and French women’s writing.
  • N. Botkina. Structural peculiarities of epistolary narrative: Marina Tsvetajava’s letters.
  • D. Babušytė. Europeisms: an Inter-lexicology theory concept based on empirical analysis of German, English, Lithuanian, Russian and Ukrainian newspaper texts.
  • B. Spraunienė. The marking of definiteness in Lithuanian against the background of Danish and other article languages.
  • J. Daunorienė. Reflexivity in the German language: a study based on historical development data.
  • A. Burov. The adverb of time as a lexical means of expressing the models of time. Interdisciplinary analysis of the song of the Nibelungs (manuscript b).
  • J. Dikmonienė. Poetics of feelings in Seneca’s tragedies.
  • O. Petrėnienė. Specifics of science popularisation text language.
  • D. Katinas. Considerations on the role and methods of contrastive lexicology: lexical field "Relief" in Lithuanian and German.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2010

  • G. Judžentytė. Latvian adverbs of place: synchrony and diachrony.
  • E. Juknytė. Modern religious consciousness in Lithuanian exodus poetry.
  • L. Arcimavičienė. Morality models through metaphors in public discourse: a cross-linguistic analysis.
  • L. Plaušinaitytė. The lexicographic method of Jokūbas Brodovskis‘ dictionary.
  • A. Popova.  The discourse of the worldview  in elite mass media.
  • E. Žilinskaitė. The expression of space in Mikalojus Daukša’s Postilla: postpositional locatives and their functional equivalents.
  • J. Jaroslavienė. The phonological system of the Eastern Kaunas Prienai subdialect.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2009

  • R. Klioštoraitytė. Dialogue in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Art.
  • I. Hilbig. Lithuanian and English Linguistic Politeness: Requests.
  • V. Rinkevičius. The System of Accentuation in the Prussian Language.
  • N. Klišienė. Lithuanian Literature of the 1940’s: the French Context.
  • V. Makarova. The Technique of Argumentation in Russian and Lithuanian Discourses.
  • L. Garbul. Semantic Polonisms in the Russian Chancery Language of the First Half of the 17th Century.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2008

  • V. Masiulionytė. Animal Symbols in the German and Lithuanian Phraseology from the Perspective of Cultural Semiotics.
  • R. Kmita. Modernization of Poetry within the Framework of Totalitarian Rule in the Seventies to Ninetees of the Twentieth Century.
  • B. Ryvitytė. Evaluation in Linguistic Book Reviews in English and Lithuanian.
  • R. Šlapkauskaitė. Problematising Multiculturalism in Canadian Literature: Manifestation of the Discourse of Exoticism.
  • A. Markevičius. Noun Declension in the Northern Širvintiškiai Subdialect and its History.
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