Department of English Philology


Universiteto g. 5, LT-01513 Vilnius. Tel. (8 5) 268 7229; (8 5) 268 7228;

Head of the Department – Prof. Dr Habil. Aurelija Usonienė () (

Chair of English Philology (BA) and English Studies (MA) programmes Committee -

Assoc. Prof. Linara Bartkuvienė (

Administrator - Deividas Zibalas ()


The Department of English Philology offers courses at three levels: BA, MA and PhD. The Department of English Philology is the largest department at the Faculty and it is one of the top-rated departments of English in the country. With more than 20 members of academic staff (3 professors, 5 associate professors, 7 assistants, 4 lecturers), the Department‘s scholarship and teaching covers a wide range of subjects, including English,  American and Canadian literature, English language and linguistics, British and American studies where they explore the history, geography, literature and culture of the English-speaking countries.

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 Research interestsContacts 
Dr (HP) Regina Rudaitytė, vice-dean (research) Comparative Literature, Contemporary British Literature, Cultural Studies, Literary Translation
Dr Almantas Samalavičius

Architectural History and Theory, Baroque Architecture, Aesthetics of Architecture, Urbanism, Postcolonialism, Lithuanian Literature, Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies 

Dr Habil. Aurelija Usonienė, head of the Department

Contrastive analysis, Epistemic Modality, Evidentiality, Corpus Linguistics, Syntax-semantics Interaction, Grammaticalization, Pragmaticalization


Dr Birutė Ryvitytė

Linguistic pragmatics, Discourse analysis, Corpus linguistics. Sociolinguistics, Contrastive rhetoric, LSP theory and teaching languages for specific purposes, Testing

Dr Giedrė Balčytytė - Kurtinienė English Phonetics, Foreign Language Didactics
 Dr. Jolanta Šinkūnienė

 Written academic discourse (cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary comparison of academic texts), Pragmatics, Semantics, Discourse analysis, Computational linguistics, Contrastive linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Modality, Evidentiality

Dr Linara Bartkuvienė Literatures in English (British, Irish, American)


Dr Rita Juknevičienė


Learner corpus research, EAP, Language testing, Phraseology and formulaic language

Dr. Davide Castiglione The notion of difficulty in poetry,
Stylistics and empirical approaches to literature,
The language of 20th century poetry,
Comparative poetics and literary translation (Italian-American-British)
Dr Anna Ruskan  

Evidentiality, Epistemic modality, Academic discourse, Media discourse, Contrastive linguistics, Corpus linguistics

Dr Rūta Šlapkauskaitė  

Literatures in English (British, Irish, Canadian, Australian, American, etc.), Imagetexts/Iconotexts, Neo-Victorian literature and culture, Animal Studies and Critical Plant Theory, Literature and the Anthropocene,
Age and the body in literature and art, Toys, dolls, machines, and literary practices, Material culture and art / Thing Theory/Object Oriented Ontology

Dr Audronė Šolienė

Contrastive linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Epistemic modality, Evidentiality, Translation 

Dr Deimantas Valančiūnas Cinema studies, Postcolonialism, Popular culture, Cultural studies

Jurga Kasteckienė


Justina Liauksminienė

Epistemic modality, Evidentiality, Syntax-semantics interaction 

Eimantė Liubertaitė  British and American literature, philosophy, literary theory
Dr Justina Urbonaitė  

Cognitive linguistics, ESP (legal English) 

Inga Vyšniauskienė Youth language, Language attitudes, Language and identity,
Language contacts
Rūta Zukienė  
Deividas Zibalas    
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