Digital Philology Centre

Tel. (8 5) 268 7204

Head – Dr Mindaugas Strockis ()

Administrator – Dalia Andziulytė ()



SFCDigital Philology Centre is the newest department of the Faculty of Philology and also one of the newest divisions in the University of Vilnius. Established in 2008, the Centre already has completed several useful projects, among them an installable Latin-Lithuanian Dictionary for various operating systems, including mobile devices, an Ancient Greek-Lithuanian Morphological Dictionary for Windows, also an online lexicographical database Thesaurus Latino-Lituanicus (Combined Latin-Lithuanian Dictionary from the 17th to the 21st Century). The Thesaurus contains several Latin-Lithuanian dictionaries published between the 17th and 21st centuries, with various smart search abilities as well as scanned facsimiles of the original editions.

Other projects carried out by the Centre include Bibliographical Database of Lithuanian Translations from Latin and Ancient Greek, online Greek Hexameter Analysis tool, as well as the ongoing project of bilingual electronic dictionaries of contemporary European languages (to and from Lithuanian).

All products of the Centre are accessible on the web and free to use.

The Head of the Centre, since its establishment, is Dr Mindaugas Strockis. Programming tasks are under the supervision of Senior Research Fellow Dr Petras Skirmantas and programmer Marius Tverijonas MSc. Senior Specialist Dalia Andziulytė currently works editing and expanding our Ancient Greek dictionary. Project Administrator Jurgita Narkevičiūtė is employed in the Etymological Database of Old Prussian project. Project Specialists Evaldas Švageris and Raminta Važgėlaitė work editing textual data for the bilingual dictionaries of contemporary languages (Latvian and German, respectively).

The Centre often hosts intern students whose internships are supported by the Lithuanian Research Council. Our interns work digitising various textual data, among them the manuscript Polish-Lithuanian-Latin dictionary by Dionyzas Poška (1764-1830). The Centre also hosts interns from the University of Vilnius Faculty of Philology; among other tasks, our interns who completed their internship at the Digital Philology Centre from 2009 to 2011, transcribed the texts of the early dictionaries which are now part of our Thesaurus Latino-Lituanicus.