Graduate (Master) studies or Professional studies last from one and a half to two years. Graduates of Master studies are awarded a Master degree. In oder to apply an Master (graduate) programme at Vilnius University Bachelor or corresponding degree is required. Applicants also have to fulfill general admission requirements and if it is applicable specific programme’s requirements. Please see the catalog of study programmes

The language of instruction for Master programmes at Vilnius University is Lithuanian except the Master programmes taught in English and Russian.



The Faculty of Philology offers the following MA level study programmes:


Programmes taught in English and Russian

English Studies

The second-cycle interdisciplinary English Studies Programme covers three aspects of study: literatures written in the English language, English linguistics and culture of English-speaking countries. The three components are interrelated; however, students are provided with an array of optional courses, which helps them narrow down their area of study to one aspect if they are inclined to do so. The programme is offered to those who have an interest in English culture, literature and language studies and have completed their first-cycle university studies.

The literary studies courses offer interactive lectures and seminars in British, American, Canadian and post-colonial literature. The component of English linguistics includes an array of courses in contemporary linguistics: semantics and pragmatics, discourse analysis, language variation, etc. Many of them include a contrastive parameter of study. The common area of interest shared by the literary and linguistics courses is cultural studies.

The programme is taught in four semesters (the fourth semester being devoted entirely to research and Master’s thesis writing); it is completed by the viva of the Master’s thesis written under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of the Department.

Ms Ingrida Kelpsaite
Admissions Officer
Office of International Programmes and Relations
Vilnius University
Universiteto Str. 3
01513 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. (370 5) 2687183

Prof. Aurelia Usoniene
Programme coordinator
Department of English Philology
Faculty of Philology
Vilnius University
Universiteto 5
LT-01513 Vilnius
Tel. (370 5) 2687228

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Russian Studies

Russian Studies contain studies of the literature, culture, and linguistics.

If you wish to apply to this study programme, proficiency in Russian is mandatory (level - C1), because in all subjects tuition is in Russian. Graduates of other fields (non-Russian studies) submit Note No 4 that is issued in the Faculty of Philology having provided a certificate demonstrating proficiency in Russian. Oterwise, an examination of the Russian language is taken.

Entrants having first level university degree in other field than philology, take an entrance examination.

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