Welcome to the Faculty of Philology website. I hope you will find here everything you wish to know about us. If you feel that anything is lacking, please tell us so that we can add it.

The main message we would like to send is that we are a modern institution of research and education whose spirit of the liberal arts builds bridges from heritage and tradition to bold visions of the future. We constantly strive not only to be the best but also to foster the same aspiration in our students. Our Faculty seeks to provide answers to questions of language, literature, and the cultures of various countries, both to those who study here and to those who approach us us for professional advice and consultation. We take particular pride in the diversity of our Faculty, from classics to computer programming, from Lithuanian to Turkish, from language studies to European culture. It is this breadth of study that allows us to stand in the forefront of contemporary research and learning, and over recent years we have greatly expanded our range both intellectually and geographically, and have made ourselves at home in the widest field of study. At the same time it is very important to us to celebrate our Lithuanian identity and to serve our country.