Inga Rozgienė

Inga Rozgienė


Address: Universiteto 5, LT-01513 Vilnius.

Telephone: +370 5 268 72 72



Research interests

  • Research into Content and Language Integrated Learning;
  • Scientific discourse analysis;
  • Development of learning and testing materials based on authentic texts; IT in learning languages
  • Development of subject specific and research competences through foreign language learning



  • English for Specific Purposes for the 1st year students of Biochemistry program
  • English for Specific Purposes for the 1st year students of Chemistry program
  • English for Specific Purposes for the 1st year students of Nanochemistry program


Research publications 





  • Rozgienė, I., Trečiokaitė, A. (2011) Survey of the English Language Needs of the Senior Students of Physical and Biomedical Sciences.  VERBUM, 2011, 2, Vilnius: VU leidykla. ISSN 2029-6223
  • Vilkancienė, L., Rozgienė, I. (2017). CLIL Teacher Competences and Attitudes. Sustainable Multilingualism: Darnioji Daugiakalbystė, 11, 196-218.



  1. Co-author (Unit 1, 2; p. 5-17, 133-141) in I. Rozgienė et al. (2001). Business English for Schools. Textbook for grades 11-12. Kaunas: Šviesa.
  2. Co-author (Unit 7: Science and Technology; Student's Book p. 120-139; Activity Book p. 48-57; Teacher's Book p. 49-58) in E.Šleinotienė et al. (2004) Limelight 11: English textbook for grade 11 (secondary school) and grade III (High school). Kaunas: Šviesa.  
  3. Co-author (Unit 4: Ahead of Their Time; Student's Book p.73-96, Activity Book, p. 26-34, Teacher's Book p. 34-42, 101-103) in E.Šleinotienė et al. (2005) Limelight 12: English textbook for grade 12 (secondary school) and grade IV (High school). Kaunas: Šviesa.



  • Medvedeva, O., Rozgienė, I.,  Strakova, Z. (2008) INTEGRATING ICT INTO LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEARNING: Guide for Tutors (Grant Agreement number: 225219-CP-1-AT-Minerva-MPP);    ISBN978-9955-568-73-5


Conference presentations  

  • Rozgienė I. (2004) Development of the Portal as a Tool in Promoting Less Widely Used Languages,  international conference „Best Practices of Learning LWUL in Multicultural and Multinational Europe“. Vilnius, June 23-25.
  • Medvedeva, O., Rozgienė I. (2008) Another Profession or Another Name: Teaching in Blended Learning. Project closing conference at M. Riomeris university „New Language Teaching; New Language Learning“. Mokslinių straipsnių rinkinys. Vilnius, 2008, birželio 5-7d.
  • Rozgienė I. (2009). Blending an ESP course: A Practical Approach. VU 3rd international conference „Language and Culture: New Challenges for the teachers of Europe“. Straipsnių rinkinys. Vilnius, 2009 m. spalio 8-9 d.
  • Rozgienė I. (2009). Blended Learning: Impact on the Teacher's Profile. International conference „Towards a Better Language Education“. Vilnius, June 29-30.


Other activities  

  • English language editor of the journal "Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies" published by Vilnius university since 2010.
  • EUSO (European Union Science Olympiad) 2012 Lithuania. English language editor of chemistry, biology and physics tasks, moderator in the preparatory event for team mentors.
  • Supervisor of annual research paper by 2nd year students of English - Russian, English - Spanish and English - French study programmes since  2011.



  • Lecturer in the project „Development of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Education“ (2011-2013) funded by the European Structural Funds and Ministry of Education and Science under the „Human Development Action Programme“, Agreement No. VP1-2.2-ŠMM-05-K-02-011.



  • Translation of ERASMUS project (DIV.ED 528049-LLP-1-2012-1-AT-ERASMUS-ESIN) (2012-2014) publication from English into Lithuanian. ISBN 978-3-9503905-2-0.
  • Buttaroni, Susanna (Ed.). (2014) Diversity in the Learning Experience in (Higher) Education – GUIDE. Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz.
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