Graduation Ceremony

We congratulate you on successfully defending your thesis! There are a few more steps you need to complete until the graduation ceremony:


Step 1: Fulfil your duties to University

In order to receive a diploma you have to return all the books to the library and your study programme department, pay your debts to dorms and to university (if you have any), and fulfil your duties to the International Relations office and to Career Centre. You can see on your whether you have fulfilled all your duties (Studies>Students settlement with the university). When the first 5 boxes will be ticked, we will tick the administration box without any additional requests and you will have fulfilled all your duties to University. Sometimes it takes a few days until all the information is updated in the system, so please be patient, there's no need to additionally contact Studies' Department. 


Step 2: Signing in the diploma registration journal

All graduates, if they want to receive their diploma during the ceremony, have to sign in the diploma registration journal. Signing is available only when all duties to university are fulfilled – when all boxes on your are ticked.

You will be able to sign in the diploma registration journal at least 3 days after your thesis defence meeting and if you have fulfilled all your duties to University.


Step 3: Graduation ceremony

We would like to remind you that mantles are not considered as a tradition at our University. Graduates often choose University Students' hats. The dress code of the ceremony – official. 


Graduation ceremony for graduates of 2022 will take place on June 30.

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