Final Theses


The Schedule for the Final Theses' Defence Sittings in 2023


Submission of the final BA and MA theses is via

Students must upload their final theses along with abstract and keywords in English and Lithuanian to and send them via e-mail to the secretary of the Defense Committee no later than May 25, 2023, 23:59.



Only digital copy of the final thesis is required. Physical copies do not need to be handed in:

  1. Thesis along with its' metadata (abstract and keywords in Lithuanian and English) is uploaded by the student to The student confirms that the thesis meets academic honesty principles and sets the embargo period. (IMPORTANT: the name of the file has to be written in latin characters, the system does not recognize cyrillic alphabet.)
  2. Digital copies (in PDF and DOCX formats) has to be submitted form student's university e-mail to the secretary of the Defence Committee. The letter must contain this text:

I, name and surname,

  1.  guarantee that my final thesis is written honestly and independently, other people have not contributed to its' preparation. I have not paid anyone any illegal fees for this thesis. The literature which is directly and indirectly quoted in this work is listed in the List of Literature.
  2. approve that the thesis along with its' metadata is uploaded to


The final thesis must have abstract in Lithuanian and English. Abstract must contain the name of the thesis, the objective, the problem of the research, aims, hypotheses the most important conclusions and the evaluation of the relevance of the research. 

IMPORTANT! Abstract and keywords must be entered to in Lithuanian and in English.


Evaluation and defence of the final theses:

  1. The supervisor of the thesis informs the student, the head of the Study Programme Committee and the secretary of the Defence Committee via university e-mail whether the student is admitted to defence no later than May 27, 12 p.m. If student does not agree with the supervisor's decision, they can contact the Defence Committee.
  2. Study Programme Committee fills in a report and indicates which students have not submitted their final theses, which theses are not admitted to defence, allocates the reviewers and submits the report to the Study Department no later than May 27, 5 p.m.
  3. No later that 24 hours until the sitting of the Defence Committee, the reviewer sends the review with positive and negative aspects of the thesis to the student and the secretary of the Defence Commite via university e-mail.

Students who do not participate in the defence of the thesis, do not submit the thesis or do not defend it are expelled from the university due to academic failure (if students do not plan to submit their thesis, they can take an academic leave but they must do so until the final theses' submition date (May 25).

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