In October 2017 the University of Oxford celebrated the fifth anniversary of the launch of an outstanding graduate programme, The Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarships in the Humanities, which enriches the experience of a number of scholars undertaking graduate studies at Oxford. As the new academic year approaches, the programme is looking forward to welcoming its seventh cohort of Ertegun Scholars.

The attached brochure shows how Ertegun Scholars enjoy unparalleled funding alongside the opportunity to study in the unique environment of Ertegun House. 

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford hopes that those of Vilnius University students planning to undertake further studies at another university will consider applying for an Ertegun Scholarship at Oxford. To paraphrase Mrs Ertegun, this programme exists to bring together the finest students – tomorrow’s critical thinkers and world leaders – and give them an educational experience available only through this very special programme.


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