For the first time ever, the Department of Lithuanian Studies will hold a two-week and four-week Lithuanian language & culture winter course online.

Classes will start on 4 January 2021 at 9.30 am local time (+2GMT) and will be held every working day. One class is 1.5 hour. There will be a break of 30 minutes in-between. Hence two classes will finish at 1.00 pm (+2GMT) while three classes at 3.00 pm (+2GMT).

Two-week course: 4-15 January 2021 (50 academic hours, 348 EUR)

Four-week course: 4-29 January 2021 (100 academic hours, 670 EUR)

The language of instruction is English but the higher the level, the more dominant becomes Lithuanian.

Classes will be held via Microsoft Teams. Our instructors strongly recommend using a desktop version instead of the corresponding mobile or on-line versions because the former includes way more options than the latter two. If MS Teams is already installed on your system, keep it upgraded to its latest version.

Language instructors will likely put home assignments or other tasks in the Teams.

In addition, headphones with a mic are advised to be used during classes as, from our experience, background noise can be really annoying and disturbing for both instructors and fellow students.

There will be a general team (in Microsoft Teams) created for cultural lectures or joint activities, and every course participant will get access to it. Additionally, each language group will have a separate team. Students will get access to the teams at the end of December 2020.

The cultural programme will include lectures on Lithuanian history, festivals, folklore, sociolinguistic situation, Vilnius University, Lithuanian language, day-to-day cultural situations. There will also be a lecture/guided tour from the MO Museum.

The entire cultural programme will be delivered in English only.

To determine the language proficiency level, non-beginner students should do an online placement test on Google Forms and they will get the link after signing up for the course. Students will get to know their group once all of them have completed the test. We expect it to happen before Christmas.

Beginner students will, naturally, be placed in the first group.

There will be a short on-line introductory meeting in separate groups at appointed times on 3 January 2021. We will confirm the time later.

You can sign up for the programme here.

PDFWinter Course Programme

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