• 🇳🇴 Kviečiame Å¡vęsti Gegužės 17-ąją! 10:30, Daukanto kieme.

  • 🇫🇮 A high-level delegation from the Finnish Parliament, led by its Speaker, Dr. Jussi Halla-aho and consisting of members from three major political parties, visited the Centre for Scandinavian Studies on Monday. The delegation was welcomed by our staff and students, after which a lively discussion and sharing of experiences followed. All in Finnish, of course! The delegation emphasized the importance of versatile language skills as well as the long cultural and linguistic bonds between Lithuania and Finland. Thank you for taking the time to visit us! Photos here!

  • Kviečiame pasitikti pavasarį su Å v. Valpurgijos Å¡vente! Balandžio 30 d. 14.30 laukiame visų Simono Daukanto kiemelyje.
    Dainuosim švediškas pavasario dainas, švęsdami pavasarį ir jaunystę.

  • Balandžio 26 d., penktadienį, Skandinavistikos centras kviečia į kasmetinę BA programos studentų mokslinę konferenciją. Konferencija prasidės 9:30 ir vyks 92 auditorijoje.

  • Pirmadienį, balandžio 22 d. 13:00 val. (314A aud.) kviečiame į svečio iÅ¡ Europos Parlamento Algirdo Venckaus seminarą apie Europos Sąjungos institucijas, jų sandarą, ES susikÅ«rimo istoriją, o svarbiausia - vertimus ir vertėjų darbą. Kviečiame dalyvauti, aktyviai užduoti klausimus, domėtis ES siÅ«lomomis stažuočių galimybėmis.

    Algirdas Venckus yra VU alumnas, baigęs prancūzų kalbos BA studijas ir vertimo MA studijas.

  • Conference Mytologi og Folklore i Skandinavisk Litteratur will take place in our centre on 25 April. Please find the programme here.

  • The Danish Ambassador Mme Grete Sillasen will be visiting the Faculty of Philology and the Centre for Scandinavian Studies on Friday, April 19th. The event will take place in Aula Parva (Universiteto g. 3) from 10:45 til 12:00.

  • Kviečiame regsitruotis į gretutines skandinavistikos studijas! Registracijų laukiame iki balandžio 30 dienos. Motyvacinis pokalbis preliminariai planuojamas gegužės 3 dieną.

  • Finnish art historian, MA Leena Ahtola-Moorhouse is giving an open lecture on the fascinating painter Helene Schjerfbeck on Friday, March 8th at 15:00 in the Scandinavian Centre (314AB). You are most welcome to join the event! You can read more about it here.

  • Författare Kristina Ohlsson, känd för sina spänningsromaner för barn och kriminalromaner för vuxna, med statsvetares bakgrund och spännande yrkeserfarenheter som politisk- och säkerhetsanalytiker i Sverige och EU, författare pÃ¥ heltid sedan 2012 och gäst pÃ¥ Ã¥rets Vilnius bokmässa kommer pÃ¥ besök till vÃ¥rt center Fredag 23 februari, kl. 11.00 (rum 314 AB).

    Kom och träffa författaren med en svindlande yrkesbana. Ställ frågor om hur man hittar sin väg i yrkeslivet, förverkligar sina drömmar samt om det aktuella i Sveriges och världens nutid. På svenska (men! med möjlighet att ställa frågor på skandinaviska, engelska & även litauiska.)

  • On 20-21 February, dr. Svetla Tzviatkova Kovatcheva will hold three lectures in Norwegian:
     - 20th February, 9.00: "Jeg trives best med to og et halvt: om hunkjønn i norsk (bokmÃ¥l)" (Room 402)
     - 20th February, 13.00: "Om særskriving, sammenskriving, subjesregelen, engelsk pÃ¥virkning og andre sprÃ¥klige utfordringer i norsk" (Room 402)
     - 21st February, 11.00: "Det norske oljeeventyret" (SP1, UKI)

  • In Memoriam prof. Per Thomas Andersen

  • Dr. Johanna Laakso, professor of Finno-Ugric studies at the University of Vienna will be visiting our Centre on 27 February-1 March. She will deliver 3 lectures in English:
    - 27 February, 13:00 (Tuesday): on the history of Finnougristics (in English, room 122).
    - 28 February, 13:00 (Wednesday): on Finnish and Swedish language contacts (in English, room 122).
    - 1 March, 13:00 (Friday): a public lecture "Demistifying the Finno-Ugric languages" (in English, room 314A-B). More information about this lecture can be found here.

  • Professor Björn Meidal, the prominent researcher of August Strindberg life and work will be visiting Center of Scandinavian studies on 12-13th February. The visit is organized with the support of the Swedish Ambassy in Vilnius. Prof. Björn Meidal will deliver two lectures:

    12 February, Monday 11.00. August Strindberg och Carl Larsson: Hjärtevänner och dödsfiender. On the relationship between two key figures in Swedish culture of the late 19th and early 20th century (room 314 AB, in Swedish).

    13 February, Tuesday 11.00. Strindberg and 20th Century Avant-garde Drama and Theatre. The focus is on August Strindberg´s importance in and for 20th Century drama and theatre (playwrights and directors), with some bearings also on prose, poetry and film (room 92, in English).

    More about prof. Meidal: here and here. More about the lectures: here.


  • On December 5-7 prof. Mathew J. Driscol will hold several lectures on old Icelandic literature in our centre. You can find the abstracts of the lectures and their precise times and locations here.

  • Our wonderful alumnus Adelė Å alkauskaitė will give a talk on Perfomativity Studies in the Context of Philology. The event will take place on November 29, at 17:00, in  Room 314. You can find more information in this poster.

  • On December 8, at 15:00, in Room 314 prof. Helena Wahlström Henriksson (Uppsala University) will give a talk Single Fathers Fail: Swedish cinema and (non)stigmatization of single parents (the visit is part of Mothernet project). You can find the abstract here.

  • On December 7th, at 15:00 in Vinco Krėvės room prof. Matthew J. Driscoll (Copenhagen University) will give a talk "Every book in every language on every subject": Hernando Colón’s universal library and the Libro de los epitomes. You can find the abstract here.

  • 🇫🇮 We will be celebrating Finnish Independence Day on December 5th, at 14:00 in Room 314. 🇫🇮

  • On December 5th, at 13:00, in Room 314 dr. Maria Ahlholm (Helsinki University) will give a talk Translanguaging in the school: implications for conception of language and language pedagogy.

  • On November 24th, at 15:00, in Room 402 dr. Giedrius TamaÅ¡evičius will give a talk on the Danish film classic Olsen-banden. Please find the abstract here.

  • Come and meet the Danish TV journalist and author Ole Retsbo who will tell about his past and current projects. The talk will take place on 9th of November, at 11 o'clock, in Room 314. The event will be held in Danish.

  • On Thursday the 9th of November, at 9 o'clock, the successful Swedish author Jens Lapidus will be visiting us at Vilnius University. He will talk about his novel Paradis city (2021), which is being developed into a TV series and is now being filmed in Vilnius! More information about the event (in Swedish) is here (PDF file).

  • We will have two guests next week! Litterary critic and culture journalist Ingrid Ellam will give a talk at our centre on 18th September, at 11:00, in room 314. More information about the event can be found here. And on 19th September, at 13:00, also in room 314 the economist and book author Kenneth Hermele will talk about the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. You can find more information here.

  • Our bachelor's students will be defending their theses on 13-14th June ðŸŽ“ You can find the programme here.

  • Our master's students will be defending their theses on 8th June. Please find the programme here.

  • On May 31 – June 1, Centre for Scandinavian Studies will be hosting international research network New Geographies of Scandinavian Studies. In this connection, two open lectures will be held in English:

    Wednesday, May 31, 11 30-13 00, Room 314. Prof. Violeta Davoliūtė (TSPMI). The Transnational and Transgenerational Migration of Memory.

    Thursday, June 1, 13-14, Room 314. Dr. Satu Grünthal (Skandinavistikos centras). Vyborg – a lost border city of histories, memories and meanings

    You are welcome to join!

  • Författaren Sara Mannheimer PÃ¥ besök hos oss pÃ¥ Centrum för nordiska studier, 18 Maj torsdag kl. 11.00, rum 314.

  • Welcome to a discussion with Emil Slott about his project “Humor and Hate: How extremist groups use online humor as a manipulation tool for radicalization?”. Friday, 5th of May, 3 p.m. Room 402.

  • From the Classroom to the Crypt: our students' tour in the dungeons of Vilnius Cathedral. Our dear professor RÅ«ta boldly lead her students of Old English to the historic depths beneath the city.

  • Come celebrate Walpurgis Night with us on 28th April, 15:10, in Daukantas yard (the one with the oak and entrance to Domus Filologae)! We will sing Swedish songs and celebrate spring 🌼

  • Our students' conference will take place on 28th April, at 9:00, in V. Krėvės auditorium (literature section) and Room 314 (linguistics section). Please find the programme here.

  • Skandinavistikos centre savo eiles skaitys norvegų poetas Erling Kittelsen.
    The Norwegian poet Eling Kittelsen will read his works at our centre on 21st April.

  • Dr. Sirkku Latomaa's lecture The Past And Present of Linguistic Diversity in Finland was very interesting and fun. Dr. Latomaa has kindly agreed to share her slides, you can find them here.

  • Welcome to the lecture The Past And Present of Linguistic Diversity in Finland, by dr. Sirkku Latomaa, University of Tampere. It will take place at Room 314 on 28th February.

  • Mieli pirmakursiai! Kviečiame registruotis į gretutines Skandinavistikos studijas nuo kovo 1 dienos! PrieÅ¡ apsispręsdami galite ateiti į atvirų durų dieną Skandinavistikos centro 4-ame aukÅ¡te, balandžio 24 d., 15:00.
    Registruotis galima iki gegužės 14 dienos, motyvaciniai pokalbiai planuojami gegužės 16 dieną.

  • Welcome to the seminar on neurolinguistics, held at our centre by The Lund Neurolinguistics group on March 31st. Please find the program and the abstracts here (the program last updated on March 24th).






  • Skandinavistikos centro bakalauro darbų gynimai vyks birželio 18-19 d. platformoje Microsoft Temas. Programa lietuvių kalba (su prisijungimo linkais).  // Försvaren av kandidatuppsatser 2020.06.18-19. Program pÃ¥ svenska (med MS Teams-kopplingar)
  • Skandinavistikos centro 4. kurso studentų konferencija 2020-05-14/15 / Kandidatkonferens 14-15 maj 2020.
    Konferencijos programa (su nuorodomis į MicrosoftTeams grupes) / Konferensprogram
  • Mieli pirmakursiai, dėl karantino nukeliama gretutinių studijų priėmimo motyvacinių pokalbių data. Jie vyks balandžio 30 dieną per Microsoft Teams. Apie jÅ«sų individualaus pokalbio laiką informuosime el. paÅ¡tu pasibaigus registracijai, nuo balandžio 22 dienos
  • Registracija į skandinavistikos gretutines studijas vyksta iki balandžio 22 d. Daugiau informacijos čia.
  • Lecture by dr. Susanna Virtanen from Helsinki university. Uralic studies: current state of research and education, Friday, 6 March, at 13:00 (115A)
  • Kviečiame iki 2020 m. kovo 8 d. teikti paraiÅ¡kas įmonės „COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LITHUANIA“ VARDINEI STIPENDIJAI gauti. Atsisiųskite kvietimą ir motyvacinio laiÅ¡ko formą




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