Department of English Philology

  Area of interestsContacts
Prof. Dr Almantas Samalavičius Architectural History and Theory
Baroque Architecture
Aesthetics of Architecture, Urbanism
Lithuanian Literature
Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies
Prof. Dr Habil. Aurelija Usonienė Contrastive analysis
Epistemic Modality, Evidentiality 
Corpus Linguistics
Syntax-semantics Interaction
Grammaticalization, Pragmaticalization

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Assoc. Prof. Dr Giedrė Balčytytė-Kurtinienė Phonetics and phonology of English, tonal models of languages
Influence of music to studying foreign language
Synergy of language and music
Assoc. Prof. Dr Linara Bartkuvienė English literature (UK, Ireland, USA)

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Assoc. Prof. Dr Anna Ruskan Evidentiality
Epistemic modality
Academic discourse
Media discourse
Contrastive linguistics
Corpus linguistics
Assoc. Prof. Dr Jolanta Šinkūnienė (chair of the department) Written academic discourse (cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary comparison of academic texts)
Pragmatics, Semantics
Discourse analysis
Computational linguistics
Contrastive linguistics
Corpus linguistics
Modality, Evidentiality
Assoc. Prof. Dr Rūta Šlapkauskaitė English literature of Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, and USA
Modern rewritings of Victorian novel
Matterial culture and art
Assoc. Prof. Dr Deimantas Valančiūnas (Visiting Associate Professor) Cinema studies
Popular culture
Cultural studies
Dr Davide Castiglione The notion of difficulty in poetry
Stylistics and empirical approaches to literature
The language of 20th century poetry
Comparative poetics and literary translation (Italian-American-British)
Dr Audronė Šolienė Contrastive linguistics
Corpus linguistics
Epistemic modality
Dr Justina Urbonaitė Cognitive linguistics
Contemporary metaphor research
Discourse analysis
Applied linguistics
English for specific (legal) purposes
PhD student Grant Rosson 19th-century American literature
Literatures of space, place, and travel
The history of geographic discourse
Historical poetry and poetics
Emily Dickinson
PhD student Eimantė Liubertaitė British and American literature
Literary theory
PhD student Deividas Zibalas Discourse analysis
Jurga Kasteckienė Academic Writing
Academic discourse analysis
ESP (business English)
PhD student Greta Maslauskienė

Corpus linguistics
Contrastive linguistics

Doctoral thesis: Lithuanian Spoken Academic Discourse: from Macro- to Micro- Analysis, supervisor Assoc. Prof. dr Jolanta Šinkūnienė

Andrius Ledas    
Justina Liauksminienė
(on academic leave)


Department of Italian Linguistics and Literature

 Area of interestsContacts
Assoc Prof Dr Diego Ardoino (chair of the department) Textology
General and historical linguistics
Assoc Prof dr Dainius Būrė Comparative studies of literature
Poetry and treatises of XI century Italy
Assoc Prof dr Novella Di Nunzio Literature of XIX-XX century Italy
Comparative studies of literature
Theory of novel, narratology
History and criticism of literature
History of Italian cinema and theatre
Phonology of Italian language.
Alessandra Calì Theatre studies
Theory and practice of translation
Dr Aušra Gataveckaitė Modern Italian literature
History of Italian language
Methodology of teaching Italian as foreign language
Paola Fertoli Italian culture, art, cinema
Italian language
Ieva Kirilauskaitė Italian language
Davide Trezzi Italian language


Department of Classical Philology


 Area of interestsContacts
Prof dr Vytautas Ališauskas Culture and history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Baltic mythology
Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy
Christian and Classical literature
Prof habil dr Fatima Eloeva Medieval Greek literature
Modern Greek literature
Comparative studies of literature
Dialectology of modern Greek language
Typology of literary standards
Sociolinguistics, etnolinguistics
Prof habil dr Eugenija Ulčinaitė, emerita Literature of Antiquity
Latin literature of Lithuania
Classical Rhetoric
Assoc Prof dr Mintautas Čiurinskas Biographical genre
Biographistics reception in the literature of Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque
Biographistics of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Latin literature of Lithuania
Hagiographical researches
Assoc Prof dr Nijolė Juchnevičienė History of Ancient Greece
Historiography of Antiquity
Literature of Antiquity
Assoc Prof dr Audronė Kučinskienė (chair of the department) Speeches of Cicero
Roman Rhetoric
Roman literature
Roman culture and art
Assoc Prof dr Mindaugas Strockis Versification of Antiquity
Prosody of Classical languages
Lexicography of data bases
Assoc Prof dr Tomas Veteikis Ancient Greek language and literature
Latin language and literature
Latin and Greek literature of Renaissance and Baroque
Dr Jovita Dikmonienė Literature of Antiquity
Classical dramaturgy and its reception
Dr Dovilė Keršienė Latin language
XIV–XVI century literature
Epistolography and epistolic
Nijolė Klingaitė-Dasevičienė  
Paulius Garbačiauskas Didactic poetry
Hellenistic poetry
Greek philosophy
Platonic studies
Alius Jaskelevičius Platonic philosophy
Reception of Platonic philosophy
History of Ancient Greece
Antanas Keturakis Latin language 
Anna Marija Mackevič Latin language
Živilė Pabijutaitė Latin language
Dalia Andziulytė Greek poetry and philosophy of Archaic period
History of Classical art
Jūratė Baronienė Medical Latin and methodology of teaching specialised Latin language
Dovilė Čitavičiūtė Latin language
Renata Papšytė Latin language
Stasė Paškonytė Medical Latin and methodology of teaching specialised Latin language
Kristina Svarevičiūtė Methods and theory of teaching Modern Greek as foreign language
Literary relations of Byzatine Empire and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Poetry of XX century Greece
Irena Štikonaitė Methodology of teaching Latin language


Department of French Philology

 Area of interestsContacts
Prof dr Vytautas Bikulčius (chair of the department) Theory of novel
Philosophical novels
French literature
Prof dr Genovaitė Dručkutė Comparative studies of French literature
Cultural studies
Gender studies
Literary translation theory and practice
Assoc Prof dr Eglė Kačkutė-Hagan Motherhood Studies
Contemporary women's writing
French and francophone literature
Gender Studies
Migration and mobility
Dr Vita Valiukienė Linguodidactics
Corpus linguistics
Povilas Birbilas Studies of Charles Baudelaire
XIX century French literature
Poetry and theological aesthetics
Dandyism in literature
Dr Jūratė Navakauskienė Comparative typology of Lithuanian and French
odern French literature
Translation theory
Lina Perkauskytė Linguistics of text
Daiva Repeikaitė-Jarmalavičienė Linguodidactics
Inga Šerniuvienė French language teaching
Estera Zingerytė Phonetics of French language
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