A.J. Greimas Centre for Semiotics and the Theory of Literature


Universiteto g. 5, LT-01513 Vilnius. Tel. (8 5) 268 7161

Head of the Centre – Prof. Dr Irina Melnikova.

Administrator – Magdalena Slavinska.


Algirdas Julius Greimas Centre of Semiotic Studies and Research was established in 1992 and has the following goals: to develop the ideas of Greimas’ semiotics school in Lithuania and contemporary theories of meaning; to apply the principles of semiotics in a variety of disciplines of humanities and social sciences; encourage interdisciplinary (semiotics and hermeneutics) studies; develop Lithuanian terminology of semiotics; to educate competent researchers of contemporary cultural, social, political discourses; to familiarise Lithuanian researchers of humanities with latest studies in semiotics in different European countries. Greimas’ name makes the staff of the Centre obliged to maintain and continue the traditions of Lithuanian and French semioticians’ cooperation, to represent Greimas’ semiotics in international fora.

Aiming at the unity of science and studies, Greimas’ Centre has offered MA study programme in semiotics since 2005. Study quality and development of a competent, critically-minded, responsible individual are ensured by inviting French semioticians representing latest trends in semiotic research to lecture in the Centre. In an interdisciplinary seminar, discussions on methodological issues take place, every summer a study week in Druskininkai is arranged in which a number of students and lecturers from different universities take part.

Semiotic research of Greimas’ Centre is related to the general theory of meaning and its most contemporary aspects; they are relevant due to the application of general theoretical principles to contemporary discourses, and the analysis of social discourses as well as advertising. Having clear methodological guidelines, the staff of Greimas’ Centre are actively involved in international research activity and makes equal contributions in it.

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