Doctoral studies

Doctoral (PhD) studies are third-level studies and doctoral (PhD) students are postgraduate students and researchers. The purpose of doctoral studies is to train scientists capable of performing independent scientific research and experimental development as well as able to solve scientific problems.

Doctoral studies are very popular at Vilnius University. Each year competition for admission to doctoral studies is organized. Doctoral studies at the university are orientated towards the quality of study, flexible study process scheduling, and establishing a suitable academic environment. Each year experimental basis is renewed in all university’s academic institutions thus providing doctoral students with better conditions to carry out scientific research. Doctoral students also enhance their knowledge in various workshops, by participating in international events, academic projects, and performing educational work.  For more information about doctoral studies at Vilnius university, please, visit University's website



IMPORTANT! To ensure that applicants receive clear and comprehensive information about the evaluation criteria for the research proposal and the interview, the Doctoral Commission compiled a detailed list of weighted evaluation criteria > 

Research proposals shall be submitted to the Commission electronically. Selection for doctoral studies (the evaluation of the research proposal and interview) will occur at a publicly announced date and time set by the Faculty. Applicants to doctoral studies MUST bring copies of research articles published in peer-reviewed journals (if they have such) and present them to the Commission. There has been a change to the weight of the admission grade criteria; the proposal and the interview now comprise 50 and 50 % of the admission grade respectively.

Applicants for studies at the Faculty of Philology shall send their applications to   (in .doc or .docx format along with a signed and scanned version) by 5:00 p.m., 14th June 2024. In case of insufficient information or not all required documents being provided, the application shall not be registered. The selection criteria for doctoral studies are a written research proposal and an interview. The research proposal and the interview shall be evaluated on 26th and 28th June only, starting 10 a.m. The interview will take place on 26th June in the Room 118 (Room by the name of V. Krėvė), on 28th June - in the Room A7 ( Universiteto st. 5.)


Research proposal requirements

Applicants for doctoral studies shall choose a specific theme of their doctoral dissertation from a list of themes published by the Doctoral Commission. Please note that the theme is not the topic. It is very important to be able to justify the relevance of a proposal at a national or international level.

In the doctoral research proposal, the applicant shall:

  • formulate the topic and problems of the dissertation;
  • discuss in general terms the state of research on the topic in Lithuania and the world;
  • discuss the relevance of the selected topic for the particular field and branch of studies;
  • discuss potential research methods.

During the interview, applicants will have to answer questions poised by the members of the Commission.


Research proposal evaluation

When evaluating a research proposal, the Examination Commission considers the following criteria:

  • the research object, problem, aims, and objectives are clearly and precisely formulated;
  • the relevance of the chosen topic for research and development is discussed;
  • the applicant can provide a theoretical justification of future research, is familiar with published research on the topic, and is able to discuss the links between research publications, and to critically compare and summarize various research;
  • the planned research material corresponds to the research object, is authentic and sufficient;
  • a methodology corresponding to the aims and objectives of research is delineated;
  • the research proposal meets the general requirements for research papers and is written in appropriate language (the proposal is written in good faith, original and novel ideas are presented, ideas are presented logically and cohesively, references and the bibliography are consistent, the proposal is written according to the conventions of academic style).


Doctoral Committee of the Faculty of Philology

  • Prof. Dr Daiva Aliūkaitė (chairwoman)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Mintautas Čiurinskas 
  • Prof. Dr Habil. Axel Holvoet
  • Prof. Dr Aušra Jurgutienė
  • Prof. Dr Vytautas Kardelis
  • Prof. Dr Jadvyga Krūminienė
  • Prof. Dr (HP) Dainora Pociūtė-Abukevičienė
  • Prof. Dr Meilutė Ramonienė
  • Prof. Dr Irena Smetonienė
  • Prof. Dr Habil. Bonifacas Stundžia
  • Prof. Dr Paulius V. Subačius
  • Prof. Dr Inesa Šeškauskienė
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Inga Vidugirytė-Pakerienė
  • Dr Solveiga Daugirdaitė
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