Department of Romance Linguistics


The Department of Romance Linguistics (Romanų kalbotyros katedra, hereinafter RKK) brings together researchers of Romance linguistics specializing in the following fields: Romance and Lithuanian lexicography (bilingual in particular), metalexicography (dr. D.Melnikienė, A. Rascon, E. Sidorovič, R. Tamošaitienė), French and Spanish lexicology and the history of language (dr. D. Mickūnaitytė, S. Kosova, Ch. Gonsales, E. Girniuvienė), literary translation from Lithuanian into Spanish and from Spanish into Lithuanian (dr. C. Caro Dugo).

The aims of the Department are:

  • To examine different types of dictionaries, the history of their emergence, the peculiarities of the lexicographic description they contain, to analyse the problems related to dictionary compilation and to offer methodological insights into the compilation of new dictionaries as well as into the improvement of the ones already available.
  • To research into the problems of literary translation both from and into Lithuanian and Spanish, their semantic, syntactic and stylistic peculiarities; to translate Old Lithuanian literature into the Spanish language.
  • To analyse the peculiarities of grammatical, lexical and semantic structure of the French language from a synchronic and diachronic perspective, to compare them with the peculiarities of the Lithuanian language, to yield methodological insights that would facilitate the process of learning the lexis and grammar of the French language. 
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