Guest lectures by Annely Tank


We kindly invite you to guest lectures by Annely Tank on April 11th at the Faculty of Philology.

Guest lecturer Annely Tank is an adult educator (MA) by profession. She mixes education, economy, culture and innovation for impact-making projects. She is currently working as Head of Recruitment at the City of Tallinn, focusing on transition to Estonian-language education, by building up a future-facing recruitment and talent retention support for all (future) teachers in Tallinn. She spends a lot of time outdoors, hiking, writing and photographing. 

The lectures will take place on 11 April at 15.00-20.30 in auditorium 314AB as follows:


Estonian economy on a global scale: companies and other organisations are providing several game changing services and products, but what are they about? Why do we need more people who speak more languages? Why should you speak Estonian? How does the ongoing Estonian-language transition change the process? Practical examples. 


Estonian labour market and education: present and future tense. What to study? Why should you combine maths and arts? We also take a closer look at our awesome expats' journeys. 


E-Estonia: what is it about? How to design a great e-service and what happens when it needs to be updated? Disclaimer: not your regular upgrading process. How does one find a fine balance between e-services and people's need for 1:1 communication? What about e-education?

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