Interdisciplinary seminar

Welcome to seminar on November, 20!

Aurelijus Vijūnas
(National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan)

Translating Ancient Texts into Modern Standardized Languages:

Some Considerations

In this talk, we will address some of the difficulties translators of ancient texts have to face, as well as several different approaches to such difficulties employed in different translations. Selected examples from the Old Icelandic “Poetic Edda” will be discussed for illustration. 

Dr. Aurelijus Vijunas studied Old and Modern Icelandic, as well as Germanic and Indo-European linguistics in Lithuania, Iceland, and the USA. A. Vijunas has translated the Icelandic “Poetic Edda” into Lithuanian, published two compilations of Icelandic legends and fairytales (in Lithuanian), and a number of articles on the ancient Indo-European languages. He is the author of "The Indo-European primary t-stems" (Innsbruck: Institut für Sprachen und Literaturen der Universität Innsbruck, 2009).
Currently he teaches English linguistics in Taiwan.

Friday, November 20, 15.00, room 314 A-B

The talk will be delivered in English.

Everybody cordially welcome!

After seminar wine, bread and cheese will be served.

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