Translating Njáls Saga into Lithuanian and Decision Making: Gaman þykkir kerlingunni at.

Welcome to seminar on March, 4!

Presenter: Rasa Baranauskienė

The talk will address some difficulties in the process of translation and the structural similarities and differences of Icelandic and Lithuanian languages that can both facilitate and aggravate the translation. Dr. Rasa Baranauskienė studied Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Old Icelandic and Modern Icelandic) in Lithuania, Sweden and Iceland and Celtic languages (Old Irish, Middle Welsh and Modern Irish) in Ireland. She wrote her PhD on "Celtic and Scandinavian Language and Cultural Contacts during the Viking Age". R. Baranauskienė has translated many books from Swedish, Modern Icelandic, Faroese and Irish and parts of "Poetic Edda" from Old Icelandic.)

Friday, March 4, 15.00, room 402

The talk will be delivered in English.

Everybody cordially welcome!

After seminar wine, bread and cheese will be served.

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