Scandinavian syntax: standard languages vs dialects vs Övdalian

Welcome to seminar on April, 29!

Presenter: Dr. Piotr Garbacz

Scandinavian dialect syntax has been an object of intensive research during the past 30 years. In many respects, it clearly differs from the syntax of standard languages, Övdalian (swe. älvdalska) being one of the most syntactically different non-standard varieties. In the talk, I will give a survey of some of the most surprising syntactical features of Scandinavian dialects, compare these with the syntax of Scandinavian standard languages and with that of Övdalian (which can be considered a separate Nordic language).

Dr. Piotr Garbacz is an associate professor and head of Department of Language. Studies at the University College of Southeast Norway. He wrote his doctoral dissertation at Lund University, Sweden, on word order in Övdalian (swe. älvdalska).

Friday, April 29, 15.00, room 314A-B

The talk will be delivered in English.

Everybody cordially welcome!

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