Interdisciplinary seminar with Håkan Jansson on Corpus Linguistics. Friday, March 17, 15.00, room 314 AB

Welcome to our interdisciplinary seminar on March, 17 on Corpus Linguistics!

Håkan Jansson (Högskolan Väst, Sverige)

So Håkan presents the theme: The main topics of the lecture will be:

  • A brief history of Corpus Linguistics
  • Available corpora and some tools
  • Some points on research fields in Corpus Linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics in Lexicography

The talk will be delivered in English.

Håkan Jansson is a lecturer of Swedish at University West at Trollhättan in western Sweden. His dissertation, largely in a lexicological tradition, was on changes in modern Icelandic “Purism on the Wane? Studies on contemporary Icelandic vocabulary usage”. He has presented research done in the cross section of lexicology and corpus linguistics at several conferences. He has been a Swedish co-editor of the Icelandic-Danish- Norwegian-Swedish Dictionary ISLEX, avilable on line at Among other interests of him is Swedish as a second language, which has taken him to University of Iceland for four years and to Tokai University Japan for two years as a lecturer of Swedish.

Friday, March 17, 15.00, room 314 AB Everybody cordially welcome!
After seminar wine, bread and cheese will be served.

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